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HelloooooOO!! It’s FLEA SHOPPING TIME!!! :) 

Check out my booth at the Public Garden Flea at TripleOne Somerset this coming Weekend (Long Weekend for us) from 1pm-7pm! SEE YA!! 

PS: There is aircon this time so do not worry about sweating and looking tak glam. :) 

More info:

Date: Sat 26 - Sun 27 July 2014 
Time: 1pm - 7pm
Venue: TripleOne Somerset, Level 16
111 Somerset Road, Singapore 238164


Public Garden @ Weekend Noise (Noise Singapore) 2014

IT’S OVER!!!!  Thank you to people who made it down for public garden this weekend. Massive appreciation especially for Edlyn’s peng yous who happened to be around the area or were performing/etc to show SAR-PORT. It was nice of you guys to like my works. :)

To the new fans, thank you for the great compliments to my works and I appreciate such love for the designs. 

As most of you were asking, there is currently nothing selling on my online etsy store as I have not planned to sell my items online at the moment but if there are any of the designs you are interesting in purchasing, contact me by email and I can take snapshots of the current items I have on hand for sale. Nothing is impossible so do contact me if you need anything regarding the artworks. :) 

It was too fun to be over but I guess we would not be missing the heat and humidity (especially when my wrists are sore from the massive fanning). So a massive massive GAM XIA and do look forward to the next flea! (air conditioning this time!) Woot woot! 


Challenge! <3 

Challenge! <3 

Seni Mini: The tiny art show!

Hello Folks, it’s been awhile since this page has been updated. It’s been a busy, crazy but eventful few months and… I have contributed an artwork to Seni Mini: The tiny art show! 

Make your way down and show some support to the many of artists! :)

For more information, click here

A little something I did for Home &amp; Decor Singapore&#8217;s october issue! :)  (Photo taken and uploaded via MOLOME )

A little something I did for Home & Decor Singapore’s october issue! :) (Photo taken and uploaded via MOLOME )

The Last Weekend!

Hello Everyone! The Last Weekend of the “I’m Glad We’re Different” exhibition! Free blind-drawing portraits, Free Beeeer (please.. free beer leh!) and most importantly (besides the free beer), the works of 3 other artists and WATASHI’s are there so make your way down this weekend! :)